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augmented reality

Deliver critical information to frontline workers – exactly when and where they need it.

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What is industrial augmented reality?

PTC’s augmented reality (AR) technology enables the visualization of digital information in physical context, plus the creation of AR experiences to deliver workforce productivity and business results in manufacturing, service, engineering, and operations.


Vuforia™  is the market leader for enabling augmented reality and mixed reality experiences for the industrial enterprise. Vuforia solutions equip frontline workers with focused and effective step-by-step instructions, procedural guidance, skill development and remote expert guidance to reduce

errors, increase asset utilization and drive higher profitability


Augmented Reality

Deliver critical information to frontline workers

Enable faster expert knowledge transfer

Increase efficiency with real-time expert guidance

Create immersive product demonstration and promotional experiences

Explore Vuforia Enterprise AR Suite offerings

Vuforia provides the fastest, easiest and most advanced AR content development solutions to help industrial enterprise customers address workforce challenges and meet business goals

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Expand Use of Vuforia with RealWear Smart Glasses 

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