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augmented reality

Deliver critical information to frontline workers – exactly when and where they need it.

MDA Test Systems
(Manufacturing Defect Analyzer)

We have a great partnership with one of the largest suppliers of Board Testers of the Market  - TRI -  Test Research Inc. We count with a  show  room  with  many  TRI equipments, so  our  customers can   receive   training,   demonstrations   and   do benchmarks.

Expert Capture helps your organization maintain a competitive advantage by harnessing the deep knowledge of your senior employees and making it available to your frontline workers in an easily accessible and consumable format.


Built on the successful and trusted TR518 series platform, the TR518 SII MDA now delivers its excellent performance, with Windows 7 user interface design service and USB connection interface for testing PC or notebook. With up to 2560 analog test points, TestJet technology and many other features, the TR518 SII delivers high speed, high accuracy and high test reliability.

TR518 SII.jpg


TR518 SII INLINE is a cost-effective, flexible automated test platform designed for MDA testing on medium boards with up to 1024 test points. The all-electric SMEMA compliant platform features a minimal ecological footprint and full TR518 SII MDA capacity.

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