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3D SPI Systems

SPI: Low cost in fault detection

With  SPI systems,  your company will hit lows  costs in  detection  of failure,  taking advantage of the "immutable concept of testing" that the sooner, the cheaper it is to detect failure.


Built with the latest 3D projection technology, the TR7007DI SPI offers excellent inspection performance in a cost-effective solution. The in-line inspection system automatically optimizes the inspection route for best performance and TRI's innovative SmartWarp system compensates for any plaque distortion during inspection. Using dual projector inspection, the TR7007DI is a reliable SPI solution bringing accurate inspection at a highly competitive price.


TR7007 SII Plus

With industry-leading speeds of up to 200 cm2/sec, the TR7007 SII Plus is the perfect SPI solution for any production line. This high precision in-line shadowless solder paste inspection solution offers full 3D inspection with resolutions of 15 µm or 10 µm. 

TR 7007SII PLUS.jpg
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