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The JTAG Digital Workshop: Demystifying  Boundary Scan  performed in

June 2nd was a success!


Wow, there were 67 people connected, actively participating , understanding this Boundary Scan JTAG tool better!  We missed you! But that doesn't stop you from participating in this 2nd opportunity!


On June 16  we will do the 2nd Meeting , continuing the learning and in this you will be able to experience a little more of reality  that the tool is:
diving in
  Boundary Scan !


If you search:

  1. The excellence in the process,

  2. Increased security

  3. Innovation


In this meeting, you will experience virtually  O  Boundary Scan  and you can find the solution to solve some of your problems. Imagine:

  1. Being able to increase Yield  from your card, without physical access 

  2. Carry out a broad and effective diagnosis  with just a few access points you,

  3. And even with higher quality at lower costs  and in shorter time!


On June 16th you will see in practice the various possibilities to broaden your analysis.


Guarantee your participation now and subscribe to the button below:


Based on this experience, would you recommend this Digital Workshop to your colleagues or friends?

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