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Designed to test large and complex PCBAs, the TR8100LV is the top of the line TRI segmentation board test system for the low voltage test market. The TR8100LV vacuum system ensures full pin contact and with up to 3584 pin architecture without digital MUX, the system allows for faster and simpler testing of large pin counting devices and rapid program development. Included *TRI ToggleScan® technology combines Threshold Scanning with solutions for limited test access plates. * "ToggleScan®" are registered trademarks of Test Research, Inc.


 • Projeto driver/receptor digital 1:1 por pino de arquitetura
 • Solução de teste de cobertura de alta falha com fixação a vácuo
 • Testes do dispositivo de baixa tensão e velocidade de teste rápido
 • Interface amigável com o desenvolvimento fácil e rápido do program


Tester Specifications

Analog/hybrid test pointsTR8100LV: 3584
TR8100LLV: 5632

Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows compatible PC with USB, Windows 7-10

Fixture TypeOffline press or vacuum type fixture

Standard Testing Components

Analog Test Hardware

  • 6-wire measurement switching matrix

  • Programmable AC/DC/DC High voltage and current sources

  • AC/DC voltage, DC current measurement, frequency

  • Component R/L/C measurement

  • Synthesized Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • TestJet vectorless open circuit detection

Digital Testing

  • Non-multiplexing 1:1 per pin architecture with independent per-pin level setting

  • DUT power supplies: 5 V@5 A, 3.3 V@5 A, 12 V@5A, 0.2~20 V@3 A and -3~-20 V@3 A

  • On-board Flash, EEPROM, MAC programming


Optional Components

Analog HardwareFixture Conversion Kits for Teradyne, GenRad

Digital Testing

  • Programmable DUT power supplies: 75 V / 8 A,  200W maximum output power

  • Includes BScan Chain Test, BScan Cluster Test, BScan Virtual Nails Test, BScan Virtual Chain Test and IEEE1149.6 Test

Yield Management SystemYMS 4.0


WxDxHTR8100LV: 1150 x 850 x 830 mm
TR8100LLV: 1550 x 850 x 830 mm

WeightTR8100LV: 390 kg
TR8100LLV: 450 kg


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