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SMART FACTORY TRI – Tekno-SIP – from Automation to Intelligence of your process!
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The Smart Test and Inspection solutions from Test Research, Inc. bring Automation and Connectivity to your  production line. From Optical Inspection to Board Testing, TRI's solutions promote ease of programming, data  exchange, and traceability, enabling the Smart Factory.



Strengthen your decision process and improve the efficiency of the Operators while  reducing the overall management cost with YMS. The Smart Factory Solution is  a centralized production management software that simplifies the production line  monitoring, promotes productivity, and ensures total data traceability.


TRI's Smart Factory Solutions allow operators to aggregate information  from individual systems for statistical analysis of production line defect  rates, reviewing and fine-tuning inspection results, and identifying  component defect trends and emerging production issues.

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In addition to these applications you can simply integrate into your Next Generation Systems manufacturing process to increase the Yield of your Inspection and Testing process:

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