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With JTAG Live TM , JTAG Technologies makes available to the market a versatile tool, of low cost (some resources are free) and that use only the BSDL (Boundary Scan Descript Language) of the component, not requiring detailed information about the board.


It is an excellent alternative for use in field board repair or for debugging boards in the development stage.


•     Continuity Meter  Boundary Scan  Free 
•     Easy to use, easy to learn
•     Unlimited access to component pins
•     Test 10 connections at the same time
•     Includes the resource  Watch  to aid in  debug  and repair


•     Friendly programming environment
•     Test complex "cluster" sequences 
•     Flash and SPROM programming 
•     Easy to learn, based on Python language


•     Via JTAG controls Micro-Processors and DSPs via access  Core Debug
•     Overcome deficiencies in registrars  Boundary-Scan
•     Works with components that are not IEEE1149.x compliant
•     Supports most  Colors  (ARM PPC etc)
•     Python-compatible code for testing with scripts
•     Low cost when compared to similar tools on the market


•     Automatically “learns” the chain of a good card 
•     You can easily compare the continuity map between 2 cards
•     Comparison of  nets  unlimited
•     Fast and simple to use

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