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Lung Ventilator Project 
Chapter #4


Every PROBLEM can be seen as a Cause-Effect Relationship, as something to be solved or in a more PRODUCTIVE way than before. This at VELHA ECONOMIA is what we call continuous improvement or increased productivity. 

At NOVA ECONOMIA, solving the problem and productivity are the basis (what we call the Water Line), but not the PURPOSE. A NEW LOOK turns problems into a CHALLENGE to be overcome.


Connected to SEMEAR's Purpose, Constanta and our team wanted to leave a LEGACY for the client, for the Fan Manufacturing and Testing System in Brazil, which was very artisanal and not very technological before the Pandemic.  

We put SEMEAR's technical lessons into practice and  WE BUILT together with Constanta and the Eldorado Institute, despite the urgency and lack of time, a SINGLE COMBO SOLUTION, adding ICT Test coverage, ISP Programming and some FCT in a SINGLE and automatic PLATFORM for testing the boards, where in addition to increase productivity by 20 times (initial problem), it will bring the following GAINS and will leave the following LEGACY after implementation:

  1. We've increased the STRUCTURAL TEST COVERAGE by including parametric testing of components and not just testing the board's functionality as it was before COMBO;

  2. WE ELIMINATE HUMAN ERRORS with regard to critical activities such as choosing a "firmware" version, recording serial numbers, connections and everything that involves repetitive and inhuman operations

  3. In addition to increasing Test Coverage, we added the AUTOMATIC DIAGNOSTIC capability contributing to ROOT cause analysis, bringing more agility as well as fluidity of production in the case of good plates and plates to be repaired

  4. We automate and standardize the testing, diagnosis and data collection process, using a global TESTING PLATFORM that will generate detailed data for Instituto Eldorado's software to CONTROL, MONITOR and TRACK the entire process. A VITAL differential in the medical field that was previously entirely manual and fundamental for the continuous improvement of the "YIELD" of each plate

  5. WE OPTIMIZE the flow with a COMBO solution reducing the number of stations, operators, cycle times, “handling” times and number of operations that are opportunities for failure and productivity detractors

  6. WE AUTOMATE OPERATIONS maintaining adaptability and flexibility depending on the board's technology, the necessary tests and the integration with R&D, respecting the flow and specification of each board programmed by the tracking system of Instituto Eldorado.

Legacy is when you take a FUNDAMENTAL 1st STEP, but there is a lot to BUILD, EVOLVE and RETRIBUTE going forward....


In addition to placing other boards on the platform, Constanta and its customer will be able to further expand test coverage, reduce costs and cultivate Excellence through learning, design improvements and improvement of methods, as it is much more than AUTOMATION, it is a CHANGE OF CULTURE 

OVERCOMING in Achievement, HOPE to Save Lives and the certainty that we have not only solved one more problem, but a Hologram to leave a LEGACY, as not only the Lung Ventilators will remain for the Health System in Brazil after the Coronavirus, but the health system grew in quality, productivity, performance and automation with vital deployments in Industry 4.0. Sounds like a lot, but it's just the SEED and the beginning of new possibilities and GAINS!!!

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