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Out of Manufacture or Support Machines


We, who work directly linked to technology, know how much we have evolved in the last 10, 5, 2 years!  And to keep up with this evolution, the  machines  and solutions cannot stand still.

celulares evolução_3x-8.png

TRI is a company that is at the forefront of Test, Inspection, X-Ray technology and for this reason it has advanced a lot with the technology and has become a reference in Asia and in the world, being one of the leaders in Brazil.


Below you will find a list of  machines  obsolete  who have already been  Top Technology , but what with the challenges of  MINIATURIZATION  ( Moore's Law) and the increasing COMPLEXITY of the boards, no longer meet the demand for new boards.


To help with visualization, we have put the models that replaced them and are ready to meet these new challenges with excellence.

How TRI/Teknos-Sip aims to provide our customers with the latest in the world  we developed with TRI a trade in strategy to exchange the installed/obsolete base.

*Although some models officially no longer have spare parts available , TRI and Tekno-Sip still have some parts in stock.


Please contact us and we will analyze it on a case-by-case basis.

Register  here if you are interested in replacing your obsolete machine:
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