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programmers  True Parallel In-System

FlashRunner Cube is a highly integrated in-system of group programmers, based on FlashRunner technology. FlashRunner Cube is designed for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies. This means:

• Extremely fast programming (it is one of the fastest programming systems on the market);
• Independent Operations (projects and code images stored on memory cards);
• Compact, robust design for production environments.

Characteristics of  Hardware  

FlashRunner features state-of-the-art electronics to provide high integration flexibility in a compact form factor.
• 12 to 25V DC power inputs;
• Seven digital I/O lines;
• A programmable output voltage;
• A programmable clock output;
• Digital Secure memory cards (up to 2GB);
• On-board dynamic memory;
• On-board timekeeper and calendar;
• optically isolated inputs for project selection;
• optically isolated command inputs (START, START_ENA and STOP);
• Three optically isolated status outputs (FAIL, PASS, busy);
• OPTOISOLATED RS-232 / Ethernet channel.
The open architecture FlashRunner Cube makes its own  firmware  Easily upgradable to support both new devices and new features.


Features of  software

FlashRunner Cube is configured and controlled via ASCII based commands. FlashRunner can receive and execute commands in two ways:

• During RS-232 or Ethernet connection (Host mode);
• Via "scripts" stored on your SD card (standalone mode).

In the first case, FlashRunner Cube is controlled by a host system, and in the latter case, FlashRunner Cube works in standalone and fully autonomous mode.

• Totally autonomous and independent thanks to its SD memory cards;
• Controllable by any host system via a terminal utility and simple ASCII protocol;
• Unlimited projects (scripts);
• DLL Interface Library to control the instrument from within user written applications;
• Optional data protection system to make binary file contents to be programmed to the target device and not be read (and not duplicated) by unauthorized persons;
• Delete, blank check, program, read, check, check oscillator, etc.
• User-friendly set-up interface (windows platform)
• Supports microcontrollers, serial memories and direct parallel memory programming (eMMC, NAND and NOR)

FlashRunner comes with a Windows utility that allows you to communicate with the instrument and perform the most common operations: send commands, manage SD card files, update the  firmware  of the instrument, etc.

Available Models

FlashRunner Cube is available in three different models to better meet different programming needs:

  • FRC_GP_02: ISP channel system 2

  • FRC_GP_04: ISP 4 channel system

  • FRC_GP_08: 8 ISP channel system

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