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Covid-19, nicknamed the Coronavirus, is out there. How to deal? Technical answers proliferate as or faster than the action of the virus itself and can be found easily.

Amidst fake news and pseudo-experts, Dike's gifts seem to have never been so opportune. But to deal with something new, technical answers can be important, of course, but they can also be insufficient given the true power of the virus.

Let's examine it together... If a nation is able to coalesce from a shared purpose, which makes a contribution clear and makes sense to its members, a country, given the diversity of interests and multiplicity of intentions, is capable of unite, in general, in the face of imminent tragedy.

In the first case, the relationships that have been worked on for a long time are faced with a common commitment. In the second, undervalued relationships face an unusual threat. In general, the first case is aimed at building a new reality, which goes beyond the current one, in the search for a natural evolution. Not just any one, but one that starts from the purpose in question and presupposes a transformation both in the context (Nation) and in the text (people), having the purpose as a pretext.

At the end of each stage, the possibility of a higher stage. The second case happens when it is necessary to solve a common problem. If not for that, people would continue to divide into different groups, with conflicting interests and different intentions.

When the common problem is alleviated or is temporarily resolved, the previous picture is returned. Think about it and consider further: the revealed power of the virus is demonstrated by its rate of spread, incubation period and mode of transmission, but the veiled power of the virus goes beyond that. He is able to show the true current status of those lands and the people who are there.

If more for Country or more for Nation. Faced with something that has penetrated the borders, the leadership of a Nation, without underestimating or overestimating, shows its face to prevent disorientation, disturbance and anguish from feeding the out of order.

It takes the opportunity to transform the problem into a challenge, connected to the purpose, to instill sense, meaning and serenity, promoting the natural order. Once this is done, it seeks to activate the island of competences of the people in the hologram in favor of creative responses to deal with the situation and overcome the new challenge.


With due attention and a sense of urgency, the leader knows that he cannot ignore the facts, but he understands that this is something transitory, and that is why he needs to continue dedicating himself to the transcendent: to cultivate a Nation in the Natural Order. The revealed power of the virus requires care and measures related to hygiene and health. Mobilization and actions to safeguard yourself and others.

In turn, the veiled power of the virus demands another to face: the power revealed by an ethical, human and prosperous culture. Nation thing. That combines with a statist leadership, on the axis, to continue leading the crossing of consciences and works - which includes a new and urgent relationship with the Common Home.


Alexandre Zorita in March/2020

Text published by Metanoia.

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