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ASTER Technologies, the leading supplier in Board-Level Testability, Test Coverage analysis, Board Visualization and Quality Management products, has announced the first tool to provide an integrated workflow for DfT and test coverage analysis from design through to product delivery.

TestWay Express®: The only  workflow  Dedicated DFT from design to delivery.  TestWay Express  it is a  software  with a fully integrated system that allows electronics manufacturers to refine the design to test flow.

QuadDoc ® is a powerful document management tool that allows quick and easy creation of comprehensive shop floor documentation. QuadDoc utilizes the Aster plug-ins in MS Word for creation of templates and subsequent documents that are fully interactive with QuadView.

QuadView ® is a powerful set of scalable board viewing modules that can be used either as a standalone viewer or fully integrated within customer's applications. QuadView can be used in the design environment to assist in DfT and test coverage analysis. Within the manufacturing environment it becomes an integral part of the repair cycle, assisting in locating faults and reducing repair time significantly.

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