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BPM MICROSYSTEMS is   an international technology partner that develops programmers  of competitive hand-held apparatus and is the leading supplier of automatic programming systems for the semiconductor and electronics industries.


Quality and Reliability at all levels

THE  BPM Microsystems  offers a full line of device programmers, which include:

•  One-Site Engineering Programmers

•  Simultaneous Programming Systems  Multi-Site  ®

•  Automated Programming Systems  Fine Picth

•  Device Programming Solutions  In-System


the programmers  BPM Microsystems  are designed to meet all your needs. These market-leading technologies offer customers the most flexible programmers designed to reduce the cost of programming. From smallest to largest in terms of volume, BPM Microsystems has a product that will meet your needs and will grow as your business grows.


The 3900 supports high programming speed for MCUs, eMMC HS400, NAND, NOR and Serial Flash and includes support for High speed signals up to 200Mhz support the latest eMMC HS400 modes with data transfer rates of 2.5ns per byte. Data transfer rates to 100MBytes/s for the industry’s fastest program /verify times, download image files up to 25 MB/s to all programmers simultaneously. Up to 9 times faster than competing universal programmers. The Largest Memory Support in the industry – 256 GB, upgrad


The 4900 is powered by the newest BPM 9th generation technology, which delivers the fastest programming speeds in the industry for MCU’s, eMMC HS400, NAND, NOR and Serial Flash devices. BPM 9th generation technology produces 200 MHz signals, allowing each byte of data to transfer in up to 2.5 ns. Up to 9 times faster than competing programmers.


We combined our powerful Vector Engine Co-Processor®, capable of achieving an amazing peak operating rate of 24Gbits per second, with true universal device support for MCUs, managed NAND, flash memory and more to give you the ultimate solution to your device programming requirements.


The 2900L with integrated Lever socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate

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