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• Great Inline Colored AOI Solution Pre and Post Re-Flow.



With the combination of a 3-CCD color camera and four angled cameras, the TR7500 AOI offers broad defect coverage in a cost-effective inline solution. 
The system is capable of inspections at resolutions ranging from 25 to 10 m,
  using TRI's trademark quality system, which ensures powerful pre and post reflow inspection, without generating vibration associated with stop-and-go systems. The TR7500 has an RGB + W lighting system  Controllable zone with low angle lighting for better inspection of polarity and black components and great inspection capability of the manufacturing process of lead-free and fine-pitch components/ 01005


 • AOI inline rápida com visão multi-angular
 • Camera colorida de alto formato pronta para inserção de componente 01005
 • Solução AOI com total custo/ beneficio


• Camera type Top view 3-CCD camera + 4 mono angled cameras

 • Optical resolution 10 µm, 15 µm, 20 µm or 25 µm

 • Imaging method Dynamic Imaging

 • Inspection speed 18 cm2/sec @ 10 µm

  42 cm2/sec @ 15 µm

 • Inspection Functions

。Component Missing, Tombstone, Billboard, Polarity, Skew, Marking, Defective

。Solder Joint Insufficient/Excess Solder, Bridge, Through-hole Pins, Lifted Lead, Golden Finger Scratch/Contamination

 • Pre & Post reflow integration Yield Management System Integration

 • Board size

。PCB Size TR7500                            50 x 50 – 510 x 460 mm


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