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• Most compact, light and powerful ICT in the world

• Parallel Test Configuration

  Serial Device Programming

  Boundary Scan Test

  Audio Analyzer

  USB connection



The new generation of Tiny ICT TRI offers over 640 test points and extends high-density board coverage with Boundary Scan. The TR5001T Series II Tiny brings extensive new ICT functions defined in the most compact and affordable solution on the market, and offers over 75% reduction in operator and PC costs by implementing parallel tests using multiple USB connection units. The TR5001T SII also offers advanced test tools including audio analyzer, data acquisition module and multiple programmable power supplies for test devices and LED strips.


• Completa solução ICT leve e compacta
• Teste paralelo com a redução de 75% dos custos de Operador e PC
• Interface USB para conectar até quatro unidades para um notebook ou PC
• Solução Boundary Scan com 2 TAP’s independentes e 16 canais DIO
• Testes digitais e analógicos com fontes de alimentação DUT programáveis


•  Windows 7 operating system

 •  High accuracy programmable DUT power supplies and DC/AC sources

 •  Embedded digital signal processor

 •  Press or manual fixture support

 •  Analog Testing

。 640 analog test points, 6-wire measurement switching matrix

。 Measures voltage, current and frequency

。 Component R/L/C/D measurement

。 60 V high voltage current source for LED strip testing

 •  Digital Testing

。 Frequency measurement up to 200 MHz

。 16 bidirectional digital pins, 16 GPIO and 16 general purpose relays

 •  Optional Hardware

。 Boundary Scan

。 Data Acquisition and Audio analyzer modules

。 TestJet Technology for Vectorless open circuit testing

。 Sine Wave Generator

。 Enhanced Digital Test Module

。 Inline testing solution

 • Dimensions

(W) 334 mm x (D) 260 mm x (H) 182 mm

 •  Weight8-11 kg depending on selected configuration, does not include PC or accessories.

 •  Compact and lightweight full-featured ICT solution
 •  USB interface for connecting up to four units to a notebook or PC
 •  Boundary Scan Solution with 2 independent TAPs and 16-channel DIO
 •  Advanced analog and digital testing with programmable DUT power supplies


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