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With JTAG Live TM, JTAG Technologies delivers to the market a versatile, low cost (some resources are free!) tool suite that requires only BSDL (Boundary-Scan Description Language) files for the compatible devices and does not require detailed information for the target Printed Circuit Board. It is an excellent tool for use in field service repair, repair depots and in the prototype debug phase of the development lifecycle.


•    Free boundary-scan continuity tester
•    Easy to learn, easy to use
•    Overcomes limited access to device pins
•    Test 10 connections at once
•    Includes 'watch'pin sample feature


•    Engineer-friendly programming environment
•    Testing of complex sequential clusters
•    Flash and SPROM programming
•    Easy to learn Python™ language-based


•    JTAG control of µprocessors, and DSPs via core debug access
•    Overcomes deficiencies in boundary-scan registers
•    Works with devices not compliant to IEEE std 1149.x
•    Most popular processor cores supported (ARM PPC etc.)
•    Code compatible with Python for test scripting
•    Low-cost compared to other solutions.


•    Automatically gather circuit data of a known good board
•    Easily compare connectivity maps
•    Unlimited net compare
•    Quick and simple to use

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