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Optimized for inline integration, this SMEMA-compatible ICT is designed as an expandable platform for testing PCBAs. The TR5001 IN LINE provides an economical, customizable solution that can fully meet testing requirements of most customers. TR5001 IN LINEincorporates M‌DA with selectable ICT and Functional test capabilities that cut production line staff costs, save testing time and increase productivity.


 • Modular upgrade options from MDA to ICT and functional test
 • SMEMA compatible inline high fault coverage test solution
 • Limited access solution and functional test expansion using PXI modules
 • Friendly UI with fast and easy program development


• Windows 7 operating system

• High accuracy programmable DUT power supplies and DC/AC sources

• Embedded digital signal processor

• Press or manual fixture support

• Analog Testing

• 640 analog test points, 6-wire measurement switching matrix

• Measures voltage, current and frequency

• Component R/L/C measurement

• 100 V high voltage current source for LED strip testing

• Digital Testing

• Frequency measurement up to 200 MHz

• 16 bidirectional digital pins, 16 GPIO and 16 general purpose relays

•  Optional Hardware

• TestJet Technology for Vectorless open circuit testing

• Sine Wave Generator

• Dimensions(W) 334 mm x (D) 282 mm x (H) 174 mm

• Weight6-8 kg depending on selected configuration, does not include PC or accessories.


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