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TINY SII INLINE is a cost effective, flexible automated testing platform designed for ICT testing on small-sized boards with up to 640 testing points. The fully electrical SMEMA-compatible platform features a minimal footprint and full TR5001T SII TINY ICT capability.

tiny sii inline.jpg


 • Full featured inline testing platform
 • Designed for TRI TR5001T SII TINY ICT tester
 • Minimal footprint with SMEMA integration
 • Fully electrical design without compressed air
 • Up to 640 analog testing points


Tester Specifications

Analog/hybrid test points640 analog test points

Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows compatible PC with USB, Windows 7-10

Fixture TypeInline press type fixture

Standard Testing Components

Analog Test Hardware• 6-wire measurement switching matrix
• Measures voltage, current and frequency
• Component R/L/C/D measurement
• 60 V high voltage current source for LED strip testing


Optional Components

Analog Hardware• TestJet vectorless open circuit detection
• Sine Wave Generator

Digital Testing• Boundary Scan
• Data Acquisition and Audio analyzer modules
• Enhanced Digital Test Module

Yield Management SystemYMS 4.0

Board Handling

Min PCB Size70 x 70 mm

Max PCB Size330 x 250 mm

PCB Thickness0.6 - 5 mm


WxDxH600 x 936 x 1800 mm

Note: not including signal tower, height: 295 mm

Weight340 kg


70 x 70 mm


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