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Have you heard about SYSTEMIC TEST COVERAGE?

You may have wondered: - What is the best test to use?

The answer is simple, there is no single test that is 100% effective, the best way to have broad coverage is by combining tests, as each self-test technique has its ability and focus to identify a defect. Systemic test coverage consists of combining test techniques that can achieve the best coverage.


The important thing is to know which tests you should use in your project.

Inspections within the manufacturing process are best for instant problem diagnosis (structural testing), while functional testing is best for detecting defects in board operation.


A SYSTEMIC TEST COVERAGE (combination of various testing techniques) should be at the service of the manufacturing process and the end customer (who wants good cards or products) There is nothing cheaper than that !!!


Aster Technologies has in its portfolio of solutions, testability analysis, plate visualization (CAD), quality management in the electronic manufacturing process, where we have developed over the last years in close collaboration with our customers to fully understand their problems and provide innovative solutions to improve product yield from design through production. To learn more about ASTER click the button below:

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