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If you test electronic boards with Functional Tests or In Circuit , but you no longer get effective results because:

    Your  plates are difficult to access due to miniaturization
of electronic components,
    They do not have technology to complement the diagnosis
for medium/high complexity boards, and
    They face repairs in the future, which impact the
results and viability of the projects.


If you've ever wondered what JTAG is, and how it can help you in your work, as everything you've heard so far sounds too good to be true, this is the opportunity to learn more!

In a Digital Workshop, we will present the JTAG in two fundamental technical Lives to dive into and learn about this solution:

imagem 2.png

JTAG can be the solution to solve these problems. Imagine being able to increase the Yield of your card, without the need for physical access and with just a few access points you can perform a wide and effective diagnosis, with higher quality at lower costs and in a shorter time!

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