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Cheap can be expensive!!

Do you know the risks of not performing AUTOMATIC TESTS ON ELECTRONIC BOARDS? And of not knowing and guaranteeing good TEST COVERAGE?

When the test is carried out “by your customer”, the problem may be that the product returns for repair, generating expenses with logistics and rework.

Upon detecting an error, it may be necessary to disassemble the part, which can cause high costs or permanent damage to the structure, often compromising the quality of the product.

However, if the test is carried out only with the product already assembled, the risk is even greater.

But the worst risk, which has an “immeasurable” cost, is the respect and image of your brand with your customers. Think about it!

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Testing for electronic boards is important to ensure the job is done well and to ensure the quality of the final product. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and learn about the automatic testing and inspection techniques:

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