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• Best Yield

• High-resolution imaging system

  Advanced RGB Color Lighting

  Coaxial Lighting

  Easy Programming Environment

  Income Management System



Equipped with  a camera  high colored  resolution of 1  CCD, the TR7502 Desktop Automated Optical Inspection System  offers  imaging technology  of branding  TRI  for  powerful  inspection  pre-post  reflow  in a  compact and economical solution.  The system has  a  coaxial  RGB  +  W  it is a  highly flexible lighting system  with lighting  low angle  for a better  inspection  of polarity and  black components  and is  able to inspect  fine-pitch/ 01005 components in assemblies  lead free  and  Legacy PCB.


• Solução AOI Desktop de alta velocidaDE
• Camera colorida de alto formato pronta para inserção de componente 01005
• Design compacto e econômico


• Camera type Top view color XGA camera

 • Optical resolution 10 µm, 15 µm, 20 µm or 25 µm

 • Imaging method Dynamic Imaging

 • Inspection speed 86 cm2/sec @ 25 µm

  56 cm2/sec @ 20 µm

 • Inspection Functions

。Component Missing, Tombstone, Billboard, Polarity, Skew, Marking, Defective

。Solder Joint Insufficient/Excess Solder, Bridge, Lifted Lead, Golden Finger Scratch/Contamination

 • Pre & Post reflow integration Yield Management System Integration

 • Board size

。Max PCB Size 330 x 250 mm


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