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TR7500 SII

TR7500 SII

• Great Performance for In-line Production

• High Resolution Imaging System

  Modularized Control System

  Advanced Color Lighting

  Easy Programming Environment

  Advanced Color Lighting



Featuring a large 3-CCD FOV color camera and a four-angle camera, the TR7500 SII delivers twice the speed of the TR7500 with identical inspection performance in one solution  online. The system is capable of high performance inspection at resolutions ranging from 10 to 15 µm, utilizing dynamic imaging TRI technology for powerful pre/post inspection.  reflow  without generating vibration associated with systems  stop-and-go. The TR7500 SII has an RGB + W lighting system with area controllable and low angle lighting for better inspection of polarity and black components and is capable of inspecting 01.005 components.  fine pitch assemblies  lead-free  and also PCB.


• Ultra alta velocidade em AOI in line com cobertura de inspeção completa 
• Robusta e precisa câmera colorida FOV 3-CCD pronta para inspeção de componentes 01.005
• Sistema de iluminação avançada RGB + W para uma melhor inspeção de solda e marcação
• SPC sistema de cálculo dos dados estatísticos e fornece relatórios estatísticos
• Disponível para vincular com YMS para integrar e analisar os dados dos sistemas de TRI em todas as linhas de produção


• Camera type Top view 3-CCD camera + 4 mono angled cameras

 • Optical resolution 10 µm, 12 µm or 15 µm

 • Imaging method Dynamic Imaging

 • Inspection speed 42 cm2/sec @ 10 µm

  95 cm2/sec @ 15 µm

 • Inspection Functions

。Component Missing, Tombstone, Billboard, Polarity, Skew, Marking, Defective

。Solder Joint Insufficient/Excess Solder, Bridge, Through-hole Pins, Lifted Lead, Golden Finger Scratch/Contamination

 • Pre & Post reflow integration Yield Management System Integration

 • Board size

。PCB Size TR7500 SII 50 x 50 – 510 x 460 mm

  TR7500L SII 50 x 50 – 660 x 610 mm

。Max PCB Thickness 4 mm


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