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Designed for the modern frontline worker

Our ruggedized wearable devices connect the frontline worker to information and expertise needed to successfully complete job tasks safely and efficiently.

 Connect and collaborate remotely with experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data, and more.


Safely reduce downtime, improve employee quality and productivity, achieving a significant ROI.

Transform your frontline

Full shift, hands-free use
Work comfortably all day and easily hot-swap your battery without missing a minute of work.

Enhanced Remote Control
Their collaboration improves productivity, saves on travel costs and reduces equipment downtime.

Modular Design
Revolutionary Enables work agility and adaptability to support even more use cases.

Secure Seamless Logon and Enterprise Deployment
Reduces time and friction to get devices up and running, securely deployed and managed.


Works with more PPE than
other devices used ​​on the head.

Impressive, modular
48MP camera sensor
even in low light settings.

Drop tested, dustproof and water resistant for challenging work environments including extreme heat up to 122°F / 50°C.

hot swap battery
for full shift use.

Unrivaled noise cancellation
with 4 microphones for
hands-free use.

Bright, vibrant display that
viewed as a 7" screen.


Expand your use of RealWear with PTC's Industrial Augmented Reality solutions

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